The Next Big Thing – Blog Hop

An author answers ten questions and then tags another author to do the same thing the following week on the same day. I have ben tagged by Paula Leyden.

Paula lived most of her life in Africa – Kenya, Zambia and South Africa, till she moved to Irelannd in 2003 with her family. Her award winning book The Butterfy Heart was published by Walker Books in 2011 and her secondd The Sleeping Baobab Tree will be out in May, 2013. Find out more at Paula’s blog:

The working title of my book is: Legends of Kalimatundu. The idea of the book was born of numerous stories I heard while growing up in my country, Zambia, about people and events that are extraordinary. As such, it falls under the genre of legends. In a movie rendition, appropriate actors would be middle aged rural African men and older women in their late 70s or 80s. The book is intended to restore annd preserve the mysteries that are currently passed on from generation to generation orally. I would love to have the book represented by an agency but multicultural books are hard to sell to traditional publishers, so I will also consider self-publishing. The book is still a work – in – progrerss and I am taking my time, checking with books on legends in traditional societie which inspired me to write this book. For readers interested in traditional cultures, this book will be evidence of extraordinary events that are true and intersting, although sometimes the facts may be embelished a little in the original telling.

I am tagging Kieran Crowley.

Kieran (Mark) Crowley is a children’s writer from Cork, Ireland. He has written two mystery-adventure books for 9-12 year olds, ‘Colm & the Lazarus Key’ and ‘Colm & and the Ghosts Revenge’. His website is

Dr Vukani Nyirenda is a Zambian writer specializing in children’s folktales based on Zambian folklore. He has published two picture books and many of his stories have been published online and in magazines. He currently lives in Ontario, California. You can read more about Vukani on his blog


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