Welcome to Kalimatundu Tales

Welcome to Kalimatundu Tales the home of Zambian folklore. The name, Kali Matundu means the ‘country of wild bougainvillea’ In early November when the rest of the surrounding trees and shrubs have no leaves and grass is dry, bougainvillea in Kalimatundu breaks out into a galaxy of beautiful flowers in all colors: red, yellow, blue and white, creating a peaceful environment conducive to story telling in the evenings under a sea blue sky lit by a bright moon and stars  and blazing mupani log fire.

This is where the first chief Tembwe of the Senga of Zambia set up his headquarters and elders told stories of how the senga migrated from southern Zaire to settle in the Lwangwa valley of modern Zambia and other stories. The tradition of story telling to educate and entertain the young has lived on up to modern times.

The wild bougainvillea pictured below is Zambia’s national flower.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Kalimatundu Tales

  1. I lived in Kenya and taught Elementary school there for 3 years. Many people ask what drew me to Africa, and I say I wanted to help the children there. I was surprised to find that many of the plants I thought native to California were found around Nairobi, the bougainvillia being one of them!

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